Sunday, November 6, 2011

wedding: uncorked

i've mentioned before that tyler has been so interactive with the wedding planning. he also is interactive in everyday life, which i LOVE! one of my favorite projects was a joint effort between the two of us, and it turned into a lovely decoration for our home! the months preceding the wedding, we collected wine corks from family, friends, special occasions (i would literally stalk bartenders), and i even resorted to ordering corks on ebay! in the end, i had collected wine corks from our friends' weddings, my parents' anniversary, and other special events between us, our family, and our friends.

it was all for a "cork board" on which we displayed our engagement pictures at our reception. we opted for a video to play at our reception instead of doing a slideshow, but i still wanted to display our engagement pics, so this seemed like a great idea.

tyler glued all the corks onto a piece of plywood. then made a custom frame for it. we borrowed an easel at the reception venue to display it. we printed 4x6 prints of our engagement pics, and i used some of my scrapbooking materials to crop them down to the sizes i wanted. then we took clear push pins and pinned the pictures to the board. we put the board in the bar area at our reception to tie in the "wine" theme of the board. here was the final product:

we're still in the process of "moving in", but this board has earned a lovely place in the wall of our dining room to accent our wine bar. (it will be hung on the wall very soon.) at the wedding, it was a great conversation starter, and now it serves as a great memory from our favorite day!


Friday, October 28, 2011

worth a billion

if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth about a billion... especially this one.

check out this video of our wedding day. it has been on repeat in our home since we first saw it. it's like we're there all over again, and we love it!! thank you, sergio plecas, for such a wonderful job!

and along with the video, here are some video stills from the video that i just adore...

getting in the dress...

 the actual bench where tyler proposed to me...

first dance to "i cross my heart" by george strait.

cutting the cakes!

if we look ridiculously happy, it's because we are. and watching details from this day make us smile over and over again. so many memories that we will cherish forever, and i'm so thankful to have it all on film! i wasn't sure if a videographer would be worth the money, but i was so wrong. because, like i said... if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a billion... but this one is absolutely priceless.


Monday, October 10, 2011

happily ever after

so... WE'RE MARRIED!!! it's been absolutely wonderful, and i have so many details i can now share that have been held top secret for so long. this blog is about one of those surprises that i just adored from our wedding.

for our wedding reception, we decided to show a video instead of a slideshow. it came about because our videographer, Sergio Plecas, suggested it, and i am so happy he did! it really helped shape our favors (which were movie inspired) and several of our highlight dance songs were from movies. on a day when i wanted to feel like a movie star, we actually did because we had a movie-quality video to share with our family and friends! however, many friends couldn't make it and some that were there didn't get a good view of our video, so here it is again for your viewing pleasure. it's also on youtube.



Saturday, October 1, 2011


today is my wedding day.

today my life will forever be changed.

today the words "I", "me", "mine", "my" will be replaced with "us", "we", and "ours".

today will be the day i've dreamed about since i was a little girl.

today everything we have planned for so long will finally come to pass.

today we get to share the most important moment of our life with the people we love most in the world.

today a dream will come true.

today i get a new name.

today i get a new life.

today my responsibilities and obligations increase to a greater capacity than they've ever been before.

today my best friend becomes my husband.

today God's perfect plan will unfold.

today will be perfect. even if everything we've planned goes awry, even if it rains all day, even if the flowers wilt, even if the dress gets a hole in it, even if nothing goes as scheduled or planned, i will end the day married to my favorite person on this planet. so it will be perfect.

today i will become my beloved's wife. i've never been so happy, excited, or READY for anything in my entire life.

here we go...


Thursday, September 29, 2011


tyler and i have had very little quality time together the closer it gets to the wedding. i've enlisted him to help me some with DIY projects, i'm working full-time, and he's working part-time and in school. i'm aware that our limited free time will also present its challenges when we are finally married (in TWO DAYS), but we'll make it work.

the other night, we were having dinner together, and we started talking about our expectations of marriage. some were funny, and some were silly. others were as disturbing as they were hilarious. and i am going to share one of them with you, because it made me laugh so hard. but first... a segway...

the definition of "assault" has baffled me since i entered the legal world, especially in tennessee law when battery (i.e., physical injury) and assault (i.e., fear of physical injury) are looped together under the term "assault". why i lay that groundwork is because the following conversation could legally be considered "assault" under tennessee law. but for that to stick, i would have to be in fear of actually receiving physical harm. but i didn't. instead, i laughed.

everyone should know that tyler and i have the kind of relationship where we are both really sarcastic, and we are both really possessive of each other. not in a bad way. just in a "you are mine and nobody else's" kind of way - which i think is a very healthy way to enter into a marriage.

and now - the funny part...

we were talking about cheating and divorce. and how both of those will NEVER happen in our relationship. here is how the conversation went. i think i've got the quotes right, but even if they aren't exact, it was pretty close...

me: "there's only one way out of this marriage."
tyler: "yep. death."
me: "exactly. and if you ever cheat on me, that way out becomes a lot more clearly defined... and a lot more violent."
tyler: "yep."
me: "i'm not kidding."
tyler: "me neither."
me: "like... if you cheat on me, i will stab you. repeatedly."
tyler: "well, if you cheat on me, i will shoot you. then whatever is left of you will be mounted and i will put you on my wall. then, you will forever be my trophy wife."

I CRACKED UP! i think it's funny, because some people would hear that conversation and see two violent, possessive, crazy people. i look at it and see love. warped, i know. now, would i ACTUALLY stab tyler? and would tyler ACTUALLY shoot me? luckily, we're making vows to each other that include forsaking all others. so we never have to know. :)


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

coming together

it's all coming together. i've never been busier in my whole life, but it's all about to be worth it.

that's all for now. lol



Friday, September 23, 2011

our photographer is the best. seriously.

don't take my word for it.

see the rest of our amazing pictures done by lori line at:

she's amazing, and i highly recommend.

here are some of my absolute faves:

i obviously have a lot of favorites. and i'm highly self-critical, and i have VERY high expectations. a photographer that can make me this happy is worth every. single. penny.

and yes, tyler and i like to kiss. a lot. but you can't blame me. if your boyfriend/fiance/husband was this hot, you would want to kiss him all the time too!(no, i'm not insulting your boyfriend/fiance/husband. but i'm just really attracted to mine.)

if you have a special event, call lori line. seriously.

8 days. aka 1 week and 1 day. excited doesn't even begin to describe how i feel!!