Friday, September 23, 2011

our photographer is the best. seriously.

don't take my word for it.

see the rest of our amazing pictures done by lori line at:

she's amazing, and i highly recommend.

here are some of my absolute faves:

i obviously have a lot of favorites. and i'm highly self-critical, and i have VERY high expectations. a photographer that can make me this happy is worth every. single. penny.

and yes, tyler and i like to kiss. a lot. but you can't blame me. if your boyfriend/fiance/husband was this hot, you would want to kiss him all the time too!(no, i'm not insulting your boyfriend/fiance/husband. but i'm just really attracted to mine.)

if you have a special event, call lori line. seriously.

8 days. aka 1 week and 1 day. excited doesn't even begin to describe how i feel!!



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