Wednesday, September 21, 2011


with ten days to go (yes, omg, TEN, i can't believe it either), i am struck by the IMPORTANCE of what's going on and the importance of every event leading up to the wedding. i've been trying to soak in every moment - from choosing our reception menu to my final fitting. every decision is a huge part of piecing together our big day. but in the hustle and bustle, i'm trying really hard to remember what is important.

the stress of the day quickly approaching has been pretty hard to handle at times. i wanted to be about 20 pounds less than i am now for my wedding day. but i shift back to what is important. to tyler, i will be the most perfect bride he's ever seen - because i will be his. i know this, because he's told me. and i believe him. he's not going to see the 20 pounds i wanted to lose but didn't. he's going to see his bride. that's what is important.

there are so many last minute projects that have piled up. it's been killing me, and i've been barking out orders like a drill sargeant. my finest moments have not been the past few days, but it happens. i've had to let some things go. example: i really wanted to make prediction cards for our wedding for our guests to predict where we would be on milestone anniversaries. there's just not enough time, and it's not going to happen. it was a great idea, and it would have been really cute. but again, i shift back to what is important. regardless of the predictions people make, we will be together. we will have a beautiful wedding day, and we will end as mr. and mrs. evatt. that's what is important.

life is busy. sometimes it's hard to keep up. and with the huge "to-do list" that awaits me each day, it's hard to carve out alone time with tyler. but we do. because it's important. it's important to remember what this is all about and why we are getting married in the first place. we're best friends. we love each other. and we're about to say goodbye to our old lives and start a new one - together - in the presence of God, our families, and our friends. there is nothing, i repeat, NOTHING, more important.

i say all that to say this. keeping my perspective straight on all this has been challenging at times, but i'm trying to do it. a wedding is one day. a marriage is a lifetime. i'm so blessed to have the wonderful man that i do. every day, he does something that makes me so proud to be his almost wife. i still can't believe that of all the women in the world, he picked me. everything feels like it's moving so fast, but i'm making a vow to slow down, breathe, calm down (as much as possible), take it in, and enjoy this moment. because it's important.



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