Thursday, April 14, 2011

tell me, what's your flavor?

alright. let's make this interactive. i'm flipping out about cake flavors. yes, cake flavors. don't judge me.

anyways. i'm going to list some options... some i'm actually considering and some i'm not. (i can't give it away!!) tell me which one sounds best, which sounds worst, and any other opinions you wanna throw at me. all icing will be buttercream.

red velvet.
chocolate fudge.
vanilla sponge.
vanilla and chocolate marble sponge.
lemon with raspberry gel filling.
lemon poppy seed.
key lime.
caramel pecan.
almond with lemon cream filling.
almond with strawberry cream filling.
almond with strawberry gel filling.
almond with raspberry cream filling.
almond with raspberry gel filling.

i'm open to suggestions if you have another one to add, BUT if any of you mentions carrot cake, i might actually never speak to you again. because that is GA-ROSS!



blondeamblission said...

almond anything... bleh.

vanilla cake is a personal fav.

and the caramel sounds delish.

Emily said...

Lemon with raspberry sounds delicious!

Vanilla and Chocolate marble sounds good too!

And I agree with Katie, caramel sounds awesome!

My cake was white chocolate with raspberry filling. It was quite tasty.. even a year later haha!

Legally B said...

You can't have red velvet without cream cheese icing... just saying.

Tara said...

Paige - as the cake chick (nice huh) be careful of pairing buttercream with non-traditional cake.. it doesnt mesh well - so my customers have found anyway. I personally would go a little more fancy with the icing OR stick to traditional chocolate or vanilla. Did they tell you that they could layer them with both? I mean in the tiers? One of the wedding cakes for my August girl (sad they have all become dates or months instead of actual people) I am doing 3 tiers - bottom chocolate - middle - yellow - and top white. Just a thought.

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