Tuesday, April 19, 2011

we. bleed. orange.

just wanted to let my family and friends know, in case you were curious... i, like many of you, am a die hard TENNESSEE VOLS fan! tyler is also a vols fan. i mean... come on... i wouldn't marry someone who also wasn't a vols fan. (i don't think my mom would ever approve.) so when we started making plans, we made sure to schedule our wedding on an off weekend. why? because we're true fans. that's why. BUT dooley is riding the boys hard this year and has scheduled them to play buffalo university the day of our wedding. who is buffalo university? some little college in new york. but, honestly, who cares? we're gonna spank them. but, just so you're aware, if the time of the game is during the reception, the dj will keep us posted on the score. i haven't informed the dj of this, but it's my day and he said that since it's my day, what i say goes. so, there you have it. and if you aren't a vols fan, first of all, may God bless your soul, and second, you have full permission to skip the reception, because at some point, we WILL play "rocky top". it may be a touch redneck or perhaps cliche, but that's just how we roll. and if you don't like it - tough.

just thought i would give you all fair warning/reassurance a few months in advance.

also (shameless registry plug) - we graciously accept any vols themed gifts. in fact, we're registered for lots of vols stuff at both belk and bed bath and beyond, so feel free if so inclined. not that we're begging for gifts or anything, but we wouldn't mind getting a few... and we've registered for several of them... just saying...



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