Wednesday, June 8, 2011

holy inflated guestlist, batman!

wedding woe. my guest list is HUGE. i am just looking for some reassurance from past brides. how many did you invite and how many actually showed up? i mean... i LOVE my friends and family but i'm probably going to be excited about getting some "sorry, we can't make it"s, because our venue for the reception simply won't hold the amount on our guest list. i mean, we have our people that we know won't make it, but we send them an invite anyways as a courtesy. but even with those people not counted, i'm starting to get a little worried.



Keith/Kara said...

We invited 300 and roughly half that showed. Church was standing room only too. Talk about embarrassing lol. Some people will come to the wedding but won't come to reception so keep that in mind as well. Everything will work out and you won't even care on the day of, besides these things are what Bailey and I are here for :)

blondeamblission said...

We SENT close to, if not more than, 300 invitations. Just invitations... not total amount of people invited. There were quite a few no's... and even more people who said YES... AND DIDN'T SHOW. You'll be fine :)

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