Friday, June 17, 2011

i'm giving in, and they're going out.

i've battled whether or not to send out save the dates for quite some time now. well, i had my mind made up that it was a waste of money and completely unnecessary... but then i designed some and fell in love, so it just had to be done. now that they have FINALLY gone out (there's no turning back now!), so i will share it with you - my loyal blog readers!

i've also been saving this blog post until i finally got word that people were getting their save the dates, because i didn't want the surprise to be gone when they got them in their mailbox! so i've been on pins and needles waiting to get this blog post up, because i am legitimately beyond excited.

about the blasted little things...

i wanted a design that included pictures and nodded to some of the surprises in store for our wedding without giving away anything substantial, and i think i did just that. it was difficult, though, because we haven't done our engagement pictures yet, so we had to choose an amateur picture of us that was a good shot of both of us. and by "we had to choose", i mean i had to choose and tyler approved. even though we used a self-made pic of us, i don't think it took away from the design.

the only downside is, with official wedding almost invites going out, i had to trim back the guest list, which is more impossible than words can possibly convey. it hurt my feelings probably more than some of the people's feelings that i cut, and i hope there are no hard feelings, but there's only so much budget to go around! so if you didn't get one, please don't hound me about it. i might actually cry. and it might actually be lost in the mail. for real.


keeping budget in mind, i was really happy to find save the dates for next to nothing. i designed these on vistaprint and only had to pay a tiny additional fee to get some extras plus shipping! and since they are postcards, the postage charges to actually send them out were minimal. and we made hand delivery to as many nearby friends and family as we could. also, since i just graduated and had several thank you notes to mail out, i tucked some save the dates into many of the thank you cards i sent. it may be borderline tacky, but THAT, my friends, is how you work on a budget.


now presenting...

OUR save the date!

and i LOVE them!



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