Sunday, November 7, 2010

save the dates?

first wedding dilemma... do we really need save the dates?

we are having a super long engagement and, with the advent of social networking, wedding websites, and this blog, do we really need the sd's? (sd is a better abbreviation than std. work with me here...)

this has really been a huge back and forth with me. it forces us to get our final guest list together sooner... which, at first, sounds bad but it's really a positive because, as of right now, everyone involved has the "we have time" mentality. that would give me a way to be like, "no, we don't! get it together!" without being a bridezilla. (which is a chief goal in my bridal planning - no bridezilla action, except towards the other 10/1/11 bride. but she deserves it.)

so, i had pretty much convinced myself to save the time, money, and stress over doing the sd's. but i keep seeing such cute ones and i wanna do them too! plus, for all of our family who aren't connected to the internet, it gives them advance notice of our nuptials. so, i've been researching. my sorority sister, katie, who will be a june 2011 bride, had great ideas for her sd's and they turned out FABULOUS! especially after seeing how she was able to have beautiful sd's on a tight budget, my curiosity was piqued. THEN i saw the cutest idea ever for a website save the date. so, now i'm back to beginning... deciding if they are worth it. i could just send out my invitations early (since i already have them picked out) OR i could up the ante (and the fun) with a cute sd.

the sd's would most likely feature our engagement pics, which are scheduled for march. if we send our sd's out 6 months in advance, that would mean they go out in april. that's a quick turn around! i'm just wondering if it will be worth it...

as much as i HATE this phrase... "there's still time" to decide and come up with a plan, but a post documenting the sd process will be in the future. (hopefully!)



blondeamblission said...

Do them... It's fun getting all the compliments when they go out (thank you!!)!!!! I didn't order enough pictures the first time so I'm going to have to spend a little bit more, but it's still costing me with postage less than $200 for 250.

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