Friday, November 12, 2010

do me a favor

matchboxes. shot glasses. candles. picture frames. candy buffets. magnets. handkerchiefs. pictures. cd's. donations to a charity.

favors... sheesh...

how in the world do people choose favors?! there are only 11 billion options out there... and that's just on the oriental trading website.

i am bouncing around a couple of ideas, so we'll see what shakes out of it. it's just hard to figure out... should i go with a romantic gift, a practical gift, a funny gift? so many options. i'd like to know what other people did for favors at their weddings. it's hard to capture mine and tyler's personality in a favor for less than $3. but... i am determined... i'm also determined not to order 5,000 hawaiian leis from oriental trading. seriously, is that necessary? who really needs that many leis? it amazes me...



Kristen Jeffers said...

We did a matchbook from I wanted something cheap and functional. I think we had some little paper containers filled with kisses too, but I'm pretty sure that no one took any of those. My favorite favor was a little pack of coffee that said "we're the perfect blend."

Amanda said...

We did mints because a my M.O.H. said it's best to do that when you're serving dinner...everyone loves to munch on a mint for fresh breath. No one keeps trinkets from weddings, usually. I really wish we had done a photo magnet of the two of us, though, because most of our guests were from out of town and older...the would've loved a picture of us. So we used a picture from the wedding for our thank you cards. :)

Emily said...

We did mints too! We used Tic Tacs and had exact stickers made to cover the label. One side of the sticker said "Brad and Emily Dec. 27, 2008" and the other said "Mint to Be"

I thought they were fun and practical! And the leftovers definitely got used!

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