Wednesday, November 17, 2010

mama, don't you worry about me

my mom is my best friend. from the beginning of wedding planning, she has been the #1 person that i go to with ideas and plans. it's been a blast!

i was going to save this story for another blog post, but now seems the perfect time to tell it...

when i went to try on dresses, i had tried on nearly a dozen when i was pretty frustrated and i thought i might never find the perfect dress. then, i tried on "the one". when i first came out, i got plenty of oohs and ahhs but then there was "are you sure you like this?" and "is that supposed to go that way?" i was starting to doubt my beautiful dress but then... they put the veil on me. i was holding a handheld mirror and looking at the back of the dress in the big mirror behind me, and i said, "mom, what do you think?" i put the handheld mirror down and saw my mom's face... she had tears rolling down her cheeks. the search was over. the dress was mine. i said, "oh mom..." and hugged her and started crying too. then, i'm pretty sure everyone else cried as well. it was the sweetest moment between us. that moment made me understand a mom's love a little bit more than i did before.

i know that mom has prayed for me since i was little. i know she has always wanted me to achieve every dream i've had for myself, and i know she wants to be there for me every step of the way. i know every mom feels that way, but i think since my mom lost her own mother at such a young age that it makes an even bigger impression on her. my mom amazes me with how strong she is but also how deeply she feels emotions and how deeply she loves. when my mom cries, regardless of for what reason, i cry too. it's just automatic. the moment that she cried watching her little girl in her wedding dress for the first time is a moment that i will hold so dearly in my heart for the rest of my life.

there are so many songs about daddies and daughters but so few about mommas and daughters. this song reminds me so much of my mama and sounds like a conversation that we would actually have. i'm so blessed to have the mama i do. i wouldn't trade her for anything in the whole, wide world.



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