Wednesday, November 10, 2010


maybe it's because i'm a singer or maybe it's just because i love the crap out of music... but i'm having the hardest time narrowing down song lists for the wedding. the hard part is that i love so many songs and i've always heard songs and thought "oh, i'm going to play that on my wedding day" but what i'm going to be playing most of are fun, dance songs because we are going to par-tay at the reception! so now i have about 60 slow songs on a playlist, and i don't know where in the world to interject them into the day.

cutting some of my favorite songs of all time is probably the most frustrating part of planning so far...

but then again... maybe i'll just save the best stuff for the honeymoon. bow chicka bow wow! tmi? probably. but we'll be married so get over it. :-P



Vilara said...

You should have plenty of time for those songs if you have them played during the times when people are arriving at the reception venue, getting seated, having dinner (if you are feeding them), mingling while everyone gets settled,etc. It seems like those periods of time take a lot longer than most people think. So don't worry, you will get to play all the beautiful music you can think of!

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