Friday, November 26, 2010

who's your daddy?

since i wrote a blog all about the mom, i have to do the same for the dad!

my dad and i have an interesting relationship. when i was younger, i would get so angry with him for pushing me so hard. now that i've gotten a bit older, i realize that he was doing me the biggest favor in the world. he pushed me so hard, because he knew how capable i was. he has, at times, wanted better for me than i wanted for myself. i appreciate him so much for seeing what i could accomplish in my future while i was always so caught up in the present.

what impresses me the most about my dad is that he didn't have to be my dad. he became my dad when i was three years old. he may have missed the day i was born, my first words, and my first steps... but that's all he's missed. to be honest, i can't remember life without my dad. as long as i can remember, he has ALWAYS been there.

my dad says that when he married mom, he knew he was getting a package deal. how lucky am i that he considered me part of the package that he wanted!

there are so many lessons that my dad has taught me. he was there to teach me how to pray. he was there when i asked Jesus to come into my heart and i received the most precious gift - the gift of salvation. he was there for my greatest achievements and he was also there to hug me through my biggest heartbreaks and disappointments. my dad has instilled so many values in me. i'm so blessed to have a dad who, above anything else, is a good man. when i was ten years old, he taught me to pray for God to prepare a man for me to marry one day. i've prayed that since i was ten years old. i know that it was my dad's direction that led me to pray for tyler, long before i knew him. and it was my dad's direction that led me to a man that my dad told me i should have - a man that loves God first and loves me second... sometimes, daddy does really know best.

i can't wait to stand at the back of the church with my daddy in the few minutes before he gives me away. i wonder what he'll say, how he'll act, if he'll cry. my daddy is always full of surprises! but i do know one thing - he loves me (and the rest of his children) with all his heart and we are all so blessed to have him as the leader of our family.

there are some real tear-jerker songs i am thinking about for my dance song with dad for the wedding, but if my dad is anything, he is HILARIOUS! so... just for fun, this song is for my dear old dad. hahahahahaha!



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