Wednesday, November 3, 2010

(healthy?) competition.

it all started when i was trying to find a videographer. i was turned down by my #1 choice because another 10/1/11 bride had already booked him.

WHAT?! i've been planning this wedding since july. a full 15 months in advance! i had OVER a year to go when the other 10/1/11 bride had already beat me out for my videographer choice. i was determined to find her and inflict some sort of pain on her. (and when i say that, we all know i don't really mean it. i wouldn't actually hit her, but i would most definitely look her up and down, size her up, and talk badly behind her back. ya know... that's how girls roll.)

anyways. i found another videographer who i LOVE and am so excited to work with and was actually cheaper but is able to produce a high quality product. but more on that later...

so, this morning i got a call from my cake maker. (i will also dedicate an entire post to her later...) she told me that another 10/1/11 bride had contacted her and wanted to know if we were booking her before she talked to the other 10/1/11 bride. just a note about our cake - we had already met with our cake maker, chosen designs and flavors for our cakes, and we even did a taste testing (yummo!). however, we never actually got a deposit to her. (how did i forget this?!) i immediately let out an emphatic "OH MY GOSH! YES! YOU ARE OUR CAKE LADY!" (At the time, I wasn't thinking of how stupid I sounded... "you are our cake lady"? really, paige? anyways...) I started talking a million miles a minute about deposits and contracts and anything else i needed to do to make our reservation "official". I COULD NOT LET THE OTHER 10/1/11 BRIDE BEAT ME! without going into too many details, our cake maker is reserved... officially this time. victory is sweet... almost as sweet as my fabulous 5 layer wedding cake.

now, i don't really know that the 10/1/11 bride from the videographer booking and the cake booking are the same bride... but, in my mind, it is. (it's just more fun.) SO, that being said....
1) i need to think of a new nickname for the other 10/1/11 bride. comments with suggestions are needed please!
2) she may have won the videography battle, but i won the war. i found another videographer who is extremely talented for a better price AND i won the cake maker. BRING IT ON, 10/1/11 BRIDE! you're going down.



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