Saturday, November 6, 2010

he liked it... so he put a RING on it!

there are two things that i love the most about being engaged:
1) practicing our wedding kiss... ooh la la!
2) staring at my gorgeous engagement ring!!!

tyler and i started looking at rings in march of this year. tyler knows me well enough to know that i'm a girl who knows what i want, so he wasn't going to take a chance on the biggest purchase of his life! (thus far anyways... i'm sure our house will top the ring.)

the first time we went to look at rings, we pulled into the parking lot of jared... then, i started crying. i don't even know why! i think it was the first time that i really freaked tyler out regarding the status of our relationship. i think he might have thought that i was about to break up with him or something. i wasn't crying because i was sad though... i was really excited and scared at the same time AND it was the first time that i realized that it was REALLY happening and that he REALLY wanted to marry me. i think that i half expected him to say "eh, nevermind" and turn in a different direction. lol

it was just a high emotion moment.

that was one of the first times that i realized what a wonderful man i had in my life and how good of a husband he would be. tyler just sat there and put his forehead to mine and told me how much he loved me and that it was ok to be nervous and a little scared and that we could wait if i wanted. he gave me lots of kisses and gave me a big hug when we got out of the truck and i knew that i was ready. but i was still nervous! we started to go in the store... i don't think i've ever held his hand so tight as i did right then.

so, when we got in the store, the tables turned. i got really giddy and excited. tyler saw price tags and i think he wanted to cry! it was a good starting place, because the selection was great, but i told tyler (being the knowledgeable woman i am) that the rings were overpriced and we could get a better deal elsewhere.

he had the idea to shop at a store that his family had visited for jewelry repair for years - wright jewelers. when we walked in the door, we were greeted by bob groves, also known as bobbie. he was, by far, the friendliest and most helpful sales associate of any jewelry store i've ever been in. he was so patient with us and worked with us to find the ring of my dreams within our budget. i knew that i wanted a pear shaped diamond ring, and i wanted my ring to be unique. i found a wedding band set that i loved but i didn't like the diamond on it. i also found a loose pear shaped diamond that i loved. then, my work was over. tyler met with bobbie and had him take the loose diamond that i loved and pair it with the band set that i loved. i knew that the ring was being made, but i didn't know when it would be ready or when i would be receiving it. i definitely thought it would be awhile, so i was trying hard to not get my hopes up.

the first time i saw my diamond and the band together was when tyler proposed. it exceeded my expectations, by far. there's nothing like seeing it all together for the first time. some people say that picking out your own ring takes the romance out of it. i told tyler from the beginning that i wanted the proposal to be a surprise but not the ring. i'm going to be wearing this for a LONG time! and as much as i would like to say that he could pick out anything and i would love it, that just isn't true. call me spoiled if you want, but at least i won't have to "upgrade" within two years because i'm not a fan of my engagement ring. i have one that i will love the rest of my life.

and tell me... the following picture is a picture of where tyler proposed. can you think of anything more romantic??? because i can't!!!

so... here's the finished product. two pics of just the engagement ring and another of the engagement ring with the band.

i can't wait until the day that i get to wear my band and engagement ring together! let's be honest. two blings are better than one. ;-)



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