Friday, November 5, 2010

the name game.

one of the best aspects of planning is that i am planning with my best friend from college, erin. she is planning her wedding for may, and i am planning mine in october. it's so much fun to share my wedding frustrations and victories with a fellow bride, who i love so much.

anybody familiar with my friendship with erin knows how downright silly we can be. we have a plethora of inside jokes that would take YEARS to tell... and more years to actually explain fully. the girl kept me sane through college, and i like to think i did the same for her.

our most recent endeavor has been making the wedding planning process as fun as possible. today, we named our dresses.

erin is a may bride so her dress's name is maya.

i had one name picked out for my dress, but then i realized that the name i chose would give away too much. so.... the new name is....


gotta love when you can name a wedding dress after a reba mcentire song, but "the night that the lights went out in georgia" isn't really fitting. so, from now on, "the dress" shall be referred to as "fancy".



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