Thursday, December 30, 2010

someone's been a slacker... but here's a long post to make up for it!

i have been slacking on my blogging as of late, but it's because i've been so busy!

it's catch up time...

tyler's brother, jordan, got married in a beautiful ceremony to his lovely wife carrie on 12.11.10! it was such a perfect day. jordan and carrie were both so calm the entire time! i hope that tyler and i are the same way on our big day. it's such a joy when all the family comes together to celebrate. there was a lot of love in that church and later on in the reception hall. everyone kept saying "you're next!" to tyler and me and we loved it! tyler is so happy to have a new sister, and i can't wait to be an official evatt too! jordan and carrie went on a week long honeymoon to mexico. they came back just in time for the holidays, and carrie was sporting a nice glow from her time in the sun while we had nothing but ice and snow in tennessee... (JEALOUS!) here are a few pictures of the rehearsal dinner and the big day!

the entire evatt crew at carrie and jordan's rehearsal dinner

one of my favorite parts of the ceremony was after they had their first married kiss, jordan then kissed carrie on the forehead. it made me tear up!
 this is probably my favorite picture of the new mr. and mrs. evatt :)
this is tyler and me shortly before the ceremony. of course, we couldn't resist snapping a pic together!
this was a really sweet candid shot that sarah (tyler's little sister) got of the two of us. it might be my favorite pic of us of all time.

the holidays were wonderful! tyler and i were able to spend our first (and only) engaged christmas together with our families. of course, the snow kept tyler from being able to celebrate with some of my family on christmas day, but it finally subsided enough for us to see each other that evening. his parents were gracious enough to let me stay with them on christmas night in their guest room, so i got to see tyler early the next morning too for breakfast! ALSO, this is the first year that santa made two trips for me - once to my house and once to the evatt house! i must have been a good girl this year, because santa sure was nice to me - at both houses! it was funny too, because it seems that everyone was getting excited for the wedding, because we got so many gifts from our registries as christmas gifts! i hadn't even thought of that when we completed our registries a couple weeks ago, but it was so much fun to get things that i know we will use in our home. for now, tyler's mimi and granddaddy are letting us use some space in their house for storage, and i am so thankful! we have our very own little housewares section, and i love it! it also gives us more opportunity to spend time with them at their home, and i'm always happy to spend time with them. they are the sweetest people ever! one of the great things about getting married is getting new family, including tyler's precious grandparents.

as i get older, i appreciate more and more just spending time with family during the holidays and keeping in mind the true reason for the season and taking the time to appreciate God's love for us all. for me, those are the best gifts of all... well, that and my 10 piece mixing bowl set from Williams Sonoma.




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