Friday, July 15, 2011

passing the bar

planning a wedding while simultaneously studying for the bar exam AND trying to pray everyday and really get ready for the spiritual side of marriage can wear a girl out! i've had several breakdowns along the way, one of which occurred last night, and i was reminded AGAIN of just how wonderful my fiance is. with tears streaming down my face, droning on and on about my white girl woes (i.e., things that don't really matter in the scheme of things but at the moment cause me to freak the heck out), and wailing about how i just KNOW i'm going to fail the bar exam, tyler takes my hand, looks in my eyes and says to me, "baby, if you fail, it's ok. i won't be disappointed in you and neither will anyone else. i don't know what you're going through and neither does anybody else unless they've actually done this. you've gone through three years of law school, and you are so smart. you don't have to prove it to me or anyone else. but if you do fail, it's ok." then he kissed me on the forehead, and said (in a whisper) "but you're not gonna fail."

he renewed my determination to keep going and give it my best. that's why i know he's perfect for me. he gets me like nobody else does, and he knows just the right thing to say. 78 days until he's officially my husband, and, as he said last night, until he is my "covenant partner". he amazes me everyday. i am so blessed.

on a side note, invitations are being mailed out today! more on that later... it's an exciting time!



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