Monday, August 1, 2011

the golden ticket

i cannot begin to say how much i LOVE our wedding invitations. tess at lovebirds stationary did a fantastic job working with me, despite my million edits and my overall pickiness over everything from design to wording to envelopes. she created something absolutely gorgeous that i will treasure forever. i debated for a long time on whether to do DIY invitations or to just order them, because i was shocked at the price of professionally made invitations, but tess eased my fears and i quickly learned that DIY, for me, would inevitably lead to disaster and a meltdown. through tess, i also learned that you don't have to pay a ridiculous amount for something nice and memorable. after all, the invitation sets the tone for the wedding, so it should be something beautiful, but money can be spent in other places that is much more important. tess incorporated that into her business motto, which is, "Stationery for brides who'd rather splurge on the perfect dress or amazing photographer!" i was so lucky to find tess and her amazing designs (which are all fully customizable).

so... i must say that the online image is nowhere near as pretty as these little dandies are in person (and the color varies a bit as well), but i'll share them with my blog readers. i must say - this is a print screen image made in paint of a pdf file, so the quality is so-so. but you'll get a general idea.

without further ado...

our wedding invitation!

pretty, huh? thank you, tess!! i will recommend you to everyone i know!

61 days, or, in the alternative, only two months until the wedding!!! (and rsvp's are requested by august 15, so get them in PLEASE!) and don't assume i know whether you're coming... just oblige me.



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