Saturday, October 1, 2011


today is my wedding day.

today my life will forever be changed.

today the words "I", "me", "mine", "my" will be replaced with "us", "we", and "ours".

today will be the day i've dreamed about since i was a little girl.

today everything we have planned for so long will finally come to pass.

today we get to share the most important moment of our life with the people we love most in the world.

today a dream will come true.

today i get a new name.

today i get a new life.

today my responsibilities and obligations increase to a greater capacity than they've ever been before.

today my best friend becomes my husband.

today God's perfect plan will unfold.

today will be perfect. even if everything we've planned goes awry, even if it rains all day, even if the flowers wilt, even if the dress gets a hole in it, even if nothing goes as scheduled or planned, i will end the day married to my favorite person on this planet. so it will be perfect.

today i will become my beloved's wife. i've never been so happy, excited, or READY for anything in my entire life.

here we go...



with love, Emily said...

Happy wedding day, Paige! I know you will be a gorgeous, glowing bride! Best wishes to you and your hubby! I look forwarding to following your lives via blogger! OBIC!

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