Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i'm late! i'm late! for a very important DATE!

one of the first questions that EVERYONE asks when they find out that you are engaged is "when's the big day?"

to be honest... tyler and i had the date figured out before i had a ring on my finger. we had talked about getting married and about how it would work with our conflicting school schedules and whatnot. we both knew that our parents would be... let's see how to put it... less than thrilled if we got married before either of us graduated. i am set to graduate in may 2011 and tyler is set to graduate in either august or december 2011. it would make perfect sense for us to get married after i graduate since i'll be back home with that lawyer money, right? WRONG!

first of all, after i graduate, i have the dreaded bar exam to complete. therefore, i'll still be living in the poverty of being a student. if tyler had to live with me through studying for the bar, he might seek an annulment, so that was out of the question.

second of all, tyler has a fascination with the number 11. it was his number when he played sports in school, and he made one request - that our wedding date have an 11 in it. and no, being married in 2011 was not sufficient.

third, i had the month picked before i had the man picked out. i just know, in my heart, that i am meant to be an october bride. don't ask me why - it's just a fact of life.

knowing all three of these things, i was on the hunt for october 11 - which would be awesome since that is tyler's parents' anniversary. (ya see... tyler's dad had the same request for an 11 to be in the wedding date... like father, like son.) however, 10/11/11 is a tuesday. tyler pushed for 11/11/11, which is on a friday, but that severely conflicted with me being an october bride. he gets my quirks, and he accomodates them... so, 11/11/11 is out.

i was somewhat willing to give up my dream of being an october bride if we could get married on september 3, which was my parents' anniversary. however, dealing with the complications of a holiday weekend wedding (labor day), we realized it was out of the question.

finally, we came to our first couple compromise... 10 + 1 = 11.

10/1/11 it is!!! it fulfills my dream of being an october bride. it fulfills tyler's wish of having an eleven (after my persuasive powers won him over on the 10+1=11 thing). and it's right in-between my parents' anniversary of september 3 and his parents of october 11. plus, it just has a nice ring to it. :)

so, that's the date... save it. :)



blondeamblission said...

I'm a "June bride."

Totally get it.

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