Saturday, October 30, 2010

timeline nightmares... and my MOH#1

so... kendal is my little sister and my maid of honor #1, aka MOH#1 (pronounced "moe one"). she is, quite possibly, the funniest person i know. she has been cracking me up lately, because every time i talk to her, she has a new "nightmare" to tell me about regarding my wedding day. the recurring nightmare she has been having is that she tells me, and everyone else, all day long that we have to start getting ready! she keeps dreaming that, with two hours to go until the wedding, we still aren't ready and she is flipping out and trying to get everyone to get ready and i keep telling her we have plenty of time and all she can see is the clock dwindling down to "go time" but nobody will listen to her... let me reiterate...

kendal. is. hilarious.

let me tell you why...

the weekend after tyler and i got engaged, i bought a three-ring wedding planning notebook/binder as well as emily post's wedding etiquette. i have studied the art of wedding planning until i have become a self-proclaimed expert. i have, on more than one occasion, been referred to as "the most organized bride" that people have ever seen. coming from popular wedding vendors, that's pretty intense. i think it's just in my nature. when i want something, i go after it full force and i will get it. i want a beautiful wedding... and i will have it. hey... i wanted a hot husband. that is checked off the list! don't doubt me. i make things happen. mwahahahahaha! anyways...

all that being said, kendal's "nightmares" are beyond hilarious. i'm ahead on every timeline that i've seen regarding wedding planning. but there is a method to my madness... once may hits, i will be concerned with my final exams, moving home, graduating, and studying for the bar exam something fierce! therefore, my wedding planning time is really being cut by three months (from beginning of may to the end of july), so i'm trying to stay ahead of the game and get the big planning out of the way now before it's too late and all the good vendors are gone.

i refuse to be a bridezilla. preparation and organization is key! and if kendal's dreams are any indication, i won't have to be a bridezilla! she'll do it for me! lol ;-)

seriously though... thank God for kendal. she reminds me sometimes that, at the end of the day, we're planning a celebration, and we're supposed to have fun - at the wedding AND during the planning. she's gone through a lot in the past year, especially starting high school! i've seen her grow so much, and i constantly have to remind myself that she's only 14 (and a half!) i should start leasing kendal out to stressed out brides. every bride needs a MOH like kendal. she always listens to my rants, helps me pick out dresses and linens, and, most importantly, tells me when i'm being particularly insane. :) i love my little "stister," and i can't imagine anybody else standing beside me on my wedding day.



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