Friday, March 25, 2011

settling down.

so... i've gotten to the point where the major things that i needed to take care of for the wedding are taken care of - with a little over 6 months to go! even most of the "details" are taken care of. things are finally "settling down" before i "settle down". this sounds like a GREAT thing! but the problem with having a long engagement and deciding things very early on is that you have time to re-think things. i've talked about that before, but now that i'm playing the waiting game, it gets really bad sometimes! i've learned to trust myself more and to stress less. for those who know me well, you realize what a big step that is for me. if stressing was an olympic sport, i'd bring home the gold - every time. but i've had to put things in perspective... i'm marrying the man of my dreams, and we're starting a family together. the day will be gorgeous, the ceremony will be meaningful, the reception will be a blast, but most of all, we will leave as husband and wife and we will have officially "settled down". and i can't wait!

190 days! yes, we're in the 100s! time is flying! and the quicker it can fly, the better!



blondeamblission said...

hey... this wasn't what you told me you were blogging about next.


Your day will be here before you know it! The only good thing about stress is I hear it helps with dropping those last few lbs. hahahah bring it on!

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