Saturday, March 5, 2011

smile! click! flash!

i'm going to take a moment to brag on my photographer, Mrs. Lori Line!

lori and i were sorority sisters. she was always fun! lori is, what i would like to describe, a bright spot of sunshine in a dark world. she is always quick to be silly and make you laugh, especially when you need it most. but, additionally, lori is brilliant, receiving honors status and several awards and honors during her time at utc. her wedding, in october 2008, was one of the most fabulous events i've ever attended! little did i know then that lori would be starting her own photography business. as soon as lori came on the scene, i was obsessed!!! i have followed her blog from the start of her career. i often joke that, aside from her mother and husband, i am her number one fan. before tyler and i were even engaged, i knew two things: 1) we would get married in patten chapel, and 2) lori would be our photographer.

we are planning our engagement session, bridal session, and wedding day with lori, and i couldn't be happier with our photographer choice! she's an amazing talent, and i cannot wait to see the images and memories she captures of our wedding day. i am 100% confident that she won't disappoint!

our engagement session has been scheduled, and i am so excited!!! i will leak all the details when our shoot is over, and as soon as our engagement pics are done, there most definitely will be a post to display them! until then... please check out her blog. it's total eye candy!



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