Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the wedding tango

dancing is going to be a HUGE part of our reception. problem... tyler really doesn't dance. we went to a concert and i saw him sway back and forth a couple times, but that was about it. i, however, am shameless. therefore, i will dance whenever and wherever and not care how stupid i look! tyler assures me that he will dance at our reception... and not just to slow music... but i have my doubts.

things i have done to remedy my man's reluctance:
1) ensured we will have a bar. the bar is a cash bar for our guests, but, for us, it will be open. trust that!
2) we hired an AWESOME DJ that will keep the party going all night.
3) we will be taking dance lessons. more than anything, to build up some confidence, spending some quality time together, and get some new dance moves down. also, we got some free lessons at a bridal show i went to. booyah!

but will that be enough?

ladies, how do you encourage your man to dance? any innovative ideas?



Sarah said...

Nothing innovative necessary. Alcohol does the trick. While waiting for that to take effect, people will harrass him until he gets out on the dance floor. That's what happened at my wedding at least... Matt even danced a lot of the slow songs with me. But the slow ones are good breaks to get a drink refill and chat with guests.

I would also recommend shoving food into your mouth at this time because guests show NO SHAME at coming up while you're trying to eat. They attack. I literally got 3 bites of food at our reception.

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