Monday, January 31, 2011

freedom of choice

i adore each and every one of my bridesmaids. i started out with a list of 16 people that i would like to include in my bridal party. that list got narrowed down to 7. why 7? i made tyler choose his groomsmen. and then i tailored my list to be the same amount. i couldn't bear to cut anyone out, so, theoretically, i made tyler do it for me! but, i must say, i am so happy with my 7. my bridesmaids are some of my favorite people in the entire world, and each of them have had such a huge impact on my life. they all have also been extremely supportive of mine and tyler's relationship. i could go on and list what i love most about each of them, but that's what a wedding website is for. :)

anyways... one thing that bugs me about weddings is when people have an army of bridesmaids. now... every bride has their right to do things however they wish. but i think my bridesmaids are all so beautiful. i don't need to tell them how to fix their hair or do their makeup. they're all skilled at that as it is! the only thing i picked so far was their dresses. i toyed with the idea of letting them choose their own dresses, but i'm working with a tricky color scheme, so instead of having to give "final approval" to the girls' choices, i just made one blanket decision, but i made sure to ask their opinions. i even had them vote! haha! i also picked out some makeup, because i have a dear friend who offered to do my makeup and my girls' makeup, but i'm giving my bridesmaids the option of doing their own or having someone else do their makeup. i want them to still have individuality. guidelines are fine (ex: wear black shoes), but i refuse to dictate everything they wear down to their underwear. mine will choose their own jewelry, shoes, hair, etc. i've been in weddings before where i was dressed from head to toe, including hair and makeup, without my opinion being known or my voice being heard. it was completely unnatural and frustrating. i didn't feel comfortable, and it made for a difficult day. i don't want any of my bridesmaids to remember my wedding as a frustrating event. i want them to be happy and enjoy themselves! after all, i chose them, because i adore them - just the way they are.



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