Sunday, January 30, 2011

tacky weddings

one of the hardest things i've had to do, that i never considered before, is trusting myself and my decisions. i've tried to describe my vision to some people and have gotten nothing but blank stares in return. i finally found some pictures that help relay my vision, and people finally get it. but i've had to stand strong with what i want. after all, a wedding is a reflection of the couple's, but mainly the bride's, individual style. never before have i had an opportunity to plan such an event or to display my individual style to all my family and friends, so it's easy to second guess myself. i want to leave an impression - but a good one. i want everyone to leave thinking that they just went to a beautiful wedding and reception that was fun and highly personalized by the bride. the word "tacky" should not even be part of the equation.

so, in my endless quest of planning an elegant affair, i have perused nearly every wedding blog on the web. however, when i found a site dedicated to tacky weddings, it was a refreshing change. after seeing these wacky weddings, i know that mine will be beautiful. it's like watching a car wreck... you just can't look away. hope you enjoy it as much as i have!



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