Monday, January 10, 2011


i started out wedding planning with the mindset that i wouldn't fall in love with "stuff". there were certain things that i wouldn't spend a lot of money or effort on, because i didn't think they meant that much to me.

but then, i fell in love... with "stuff"...

first was my venues. i'm totally in love with both of them - patten chapel for the wedding and fairyland club for the reception. amazing, amazing, amazing. the architectural design of both and how they compliment each other is just perfect. not to mention the view at fairyland club. i can't wait to fill both of our venues with our loved ones to celebrate with us! they are both so warm and inviting and gorgeous! i could go on and on about them, so i'll just stop there...

second was my dress. i didn't want to blow my budget on a dress, because i was only going to wear it one day. but then, i fell in love. i named my dress - FANCY. (don't judge me.) if i love it, i name it. i name my favorite handbags, i name my cars, and i named my dog. i would have named tyler, but he has a good name already so it's not necessary, but he has plenty of nicknames :) ANYWAYS (i'm side tracking bad today...) i actually didn't blow my budget on a dress. thanks to a trunk show, we got a great deal on my dress AND my veil. and when i say "we" got a great deal, i mean me and my mommy. (THANKS, MOM!) also, stephanie at monica's was wonderful! she is actually the one responsible for picking out my dress. but, back to the point, that was strike two on my plan of not falling in love with things...

third was our invitations. tess of lovebirds stationary has been absolutely wonderful! she has matched the color of our invitations exactly to the color of my bridesmaids' dresses! her prices can't be beat, and her designs are wonderful. i originally said that invitations were only paper that would be thrown away, but then... i fell in love again! (strike three!) luckily, i didn't have to blow my budget on my invitations either, because tess gave me great options to include all the information that i needed at an unbeatable price. (trust me... i shopped around.)

i've fallen in love with many other things as well. flowers by ruth's florist and gifts. design and planning with mcford event planning. rings by wright jewelers. i could go on and on... working with such amazing vendors has made my job as a bride so much easier!

where i have really gotten in trouble, however, is with our wedding registries. (strike four!) it's not my fault! bed bath and beyond, belk, and williams-sonoma just have tons of good stuff! and every time i find a new gadget, i get all kinds of giddy.

so. i've said ALL that to say this... the stuff is nice. it makes me go "ooh" and "aah", but when it comes down to it... it's all about us starting a life together and being happy in plenty and in want. that's a lesson that, for me, has been reinforced this week. and while there are some things we need and while it's ok to dream... it really helps to take a step back and realize that as long as we have each other, it will all be ok... in fact, it will be GREAT! i can't wait to be mrs. evatt! 264 days!



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